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The best Patchwork and Quilting Books

Patchwork is one of the art forms that have been around for centuries. Here is our selection of books for beginners and advanced, traditional or modern, techniques and from around the world – for anyone who wants to create something new.

Patchwork is one of the art forms that has been around for centuries. Sometimes traditional relaying on a grid of regular repeating designs or more modern – using asymmetry and unusual arrangements, the technique still brings the feeling of warmth that only handmade pieces can and have the power to do. From home decorations to fashion items and accessoriespatchwork is everywhere.


We have collected the best books for you in the following categories:


  • To Start and Learn
  • Modern Quilting
  • Techniques
  • Patchwork and Quilting around the World

Have fun browsing!


To Start and Learn


Quilt as You Go*

A practical guide to 14 inspiring techniques & projects

by Carolyn Forster


Patchwork for Beginners*

This guide offers beginners a practical approach to trans- forming inspiration into finished products.

by Sue Prichard


Modern Quilting


Modern Quilting*

A contemporary guide to quilting by hand

by Julius Arthur


Urban Quilting*

Quilt patterns for the modern-dayhome

by Wendy Chow


Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters*

A guide to creating, quilting & living courageously

by Sherri Lynn Wood


Modern Building Blocks

An encyclopedia of 40 modern quilt blocks and 6 inspiring projects

by Brigitte Heitland




Modern Machine Quilting*

Make a perfectly finished quilt on your home machine

by Catherine Redford



Master machine quilting with your walking foot

by Jacquie Gering


The Encyclopedia of Quilting & Patchwork Techniques*

A comprehensive visual guide to traditional and contemporary techniques

by Katharine Guerrier

Essentials techniques and step-by-step projects for making beautiful quilts

by Pauline Brown


Quilting and the World


Japanese Patchwork Quilting Patterns*

Charming quilts, bags, pouches, tables runners and more

by Shizuko Kuroha


The book of boro*

Techniques and patterns inspired by traditional Japanese textiles

by Susan Briscoe


Boro & Sashiko – Harmonious Imperfection*

The art of Japanese mending & stitching

by Shannon & Jason Mullter-Bowlsby


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