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Love Songs – Why Do We Love to Love Them

With every romantic love story, most people associate a certain love song. The song reminds them of the happiest or the saddest moments in their (love) life. An “I will always love” has always been one or the best inspiration for music. In our Valentine’s Day Special we look at what is so special about love songs that we can’t stop listening to them.

Love Songs – Why Do We Love to Love Them

Tale as old as the world – love has been an inspiration for music for quite some time. The list of artists who write and sing about love and use it as a primary inspiration is quite long. To that, we should add the general belief that every romantic love story has its love song. But is this what makes love music so relevant? What exactly is so special about love songs that we can’t stop listening to them?

Music theory – that one love song

Sometimes it’s a warm feeling, like butterflies in your tummy. Sometimes it’s an urgent tightening of your chest that makes you stop everything you’re doing to listen. It’s a heightening of senses, an interruption of thoughts, a visitation from another world. They can bring you back to your happiest or, unfortunately, to your saddest moments in life. The truth is everybody got one, or maybe dozens. A love song, the one we slow-danced to in the arms of our loved one, or probably the first dance at the wedding, the breakup song, the one for unrequited love, or for the one who got away. We listen to those songs in different life situations, but they all have one thing in common – going through them, we couldn’t help but turn to the music inspired by love – both in our happiest and saddest moments.

Romantic love music as a standout track

Music is a chance for us to relate to others. Music is a chance for us to relate to others. It is good for the soul and, in most cases, relevant for many to our life experiences. To express our feelings, dreams and emotions when we can’t find the right words for ourselves. We may understand music as our soundtrack – and love is an emotion that needs one. Being such a strong feeling and leading power love is difficult to rationalize. Here is where love tunes come in handy – so we better assess our relationships.

We all have an idea of what love is and could be, and it’s comforting to experience a sense of ourselves in popular culture where we find ourselves in the lyrics. The struggle and the feelings expressed speak to us in a way – thus, we feel like we are not alone in our happiness or despair.

Happiness or sadness in love songs

Surprisingly or not, it turns out that breakups are more inspiring for artists than happiness when it comes to a love tune. Scientists explore how music induces awe – and how that affects our well-being. Science says that by listening to and singing love songs in our most difficult romantic situations, we can better understand and reflect on relationships. According to research, most love tracks released are about sad feelings and less about happy relationships. We also tend to listen to love related music when we are going through rough times – with many of the biggest hits actually about breakups. But why is that? Well, the answer could be that in a sad moment, we tend to reflect more on our lives, private world and situations, or there is probably another explanation we still haven’t found yet…

No one seems sure of how many love songs there are, but one thing is for sure: we love to love our love songs.

To finish our short trip through the world of love and music on a good note, here we gathered some of the most listened romantic songs. With love for love songs, we created a playlist for you, our readers. Press play and enjoy!