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sisterMAG Beautyful Picks

We are often allowed to test exciting beauty products in the sisterMAG office. We want to see what the team actually uses at home and which products we are really convinced of. The beginning is made by sisterMAG co-founder Thea in our »sisterMAG BEAUTYful Picks«.

sisterMAG Beautyful Picks

In the sisterMAG office we are always able to test a wide variety of beauty products and thus we asked our team: »What do you really use at home?«

Get started with sisterMAG co-founder Thea.

Moisture for hot summer days

»I really enjoy using these four products in summer. I chose products that feel like a moisture boost on the skin. Like a splash of water on your face, which provides long-lasting moisture.

I have been using the products for about 1 month now and noticed a real moisture boost for my skin, especially when using the moisture mask once a week. I have the cleansing gel in the shower every morning because in the bag it is not so bad when it falls down and is therefore super practical.«

(01) Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Maque 

Refreshing moisturizing mask with a very light formula. The gel texture is more pleasant than a heavy one in summer. Contains chamomile and lemon essential oils.

(02) One.Two.Free Hyaluronic Power Serum 

We have been working with the Clean Beauty Label for a while now and got to know through them »fermented ingredients«, i.e. fermentation without heating the ingredients. Fermented jasmine flowers are in the serum and the transparent serum leaves a fresh glow. The skin appears a little more plump.

(03) Shiseido WASO Reset Cleanser City Blossom 

Foaming cleanser with agar jelly removes make-up. I usually use it as a second step in double cleansing with a simple oil cleaner from dm.

(04) Kiehl’s Serum-Infused Water Cream 

Moisturizer for morning and evening. Micronized calendula petals are hidden inside. Leaves the skin very soft and even.