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The sisterMAG-online guide against boredom

In times of #staythefuckhome and #flattenthecurve it has suddenly become an essential skill to combat listlessness, boredom and creative blocks within your own home. Therefore, Caro from the sisterMAG team has found and compiled a few exciting (virtual) distractions for you, which may help you to survive the boredom at home better. Have fun!

Online Adventures!

The sisterMAG online guide against boredom

In times of #staythefuckhome and #flattenthecurve it has suddenly become an essential skill to combat listlessness, boredom and creative blocks within your own home. Taking a trip, chatting with friends or eating cake at your favourite café are no longer possible. That’s why our sisterMAG editors wanted to put together an online guide that may not be a substitute for real-life fun but can definitely help pass the time and make life at home just a little more exciting!

Next to classics like Netflix-watching, reading a good book or listening to records, we would like to share interesting portals and platforms that you may not have heard of before. They make sofa-based virtual trips and visits to museums or concerts possible!

Travelling and Tourism

360° tour through Germany’s capital

The sisterMAG crew, although working from home at the moment, is based in Berlin. If you’ve always wanted to see the city’s coolest sights, you can do so with a 360° view online – without masses of tourists. The Brandenburg Gate, Museumsinsel and the Berliner Dom are all there!

In the mood for a city trip? This way…

Gala 360 – Tourism Tours and virtual travelling

The portal Gala 360 is well worth a visit. You can take countless virtual trips and tourism tours. Europe, Asia and the US are all on the list – stroll through the streets and explore. 

Have fun!

Cultural Offerings

Museum Visits

The »Arts & Culture« tool by Google offers a wide variety of online art collections that make a museum visit on your laptop possible. They have the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Uffici in Florence (just to mention a few)!

Click here for an overview:


Not an insider-tip anymore but still worth mentioning: ARTE Concert. A great platform to listen to the live appearances of different artists.

Independently from bigger platforms, many artists and bands now do live sessions on their social media channels (sometimes collaborating with event locations). This is definitely worth keeping in mind so you can keep an eye out for your favourite acts.

Click here to get to the ARTE Concert Mediathek, also available in English.

Theatre and Opera

Many theatres and operas, like the Metropolitan Opera in New York, are livestreaming daily performances of famous operas like Verdi’s »Macbeth« or Wagner’s »Tristan and Isolde«. Find more information on their schedule and everything else here.

The National Theatre in London is currently uploading a full-length performance to their YouTube channel every Thursday. Popular comedian James Corden, known for his Carpool Karaoke with celebrities, is one of the performers.

All plays and trailers can be found here.


Club Visits with »United We Stream«

»United We Stream« allows you to go to a club without queueing! Every day, different clubs in Berlin invite old and new favourite DJs and DJanes which you can listen to in your living room or dance along with a glass of wine or beer in your hand. All past streams are available on ARTE Concert. A great initiative with the goal to support Berlin’s world-famous nightlife.

Click here for daily updates.

Virtual houseparties with friends

One of the most popular apps currently used to gather several friends is called »Houseparty«. It’s free and allowa people to meet up in a virutal room, while also offering four mini-games to make gatherings more fun. A great concept! Sadly, the data protection regulations of the app are more than questionable: it sells your information to third parties and constantly accesses your phone as well as other accounts like Facebook – you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s still worth the fun or maybe not.


If you want to answer quizzes with friends, »QuizUp« is great fun. It has real-time quizzes and allows you to connect to friends and new people. The game is lots of fun, even without an inbuilt video chat!

Download the app for free and get started!

If that’s not enough, take a look at the »Jackpot Party Packs«: Up to 8 people can compete in games like Drawful, Quiplash or Fibbage. More information about the fun games.

And finally, well-known tools like Skype or FaceTime (for iPhone users) are easily turned into a virtual house party with drinks and games. ;)