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Winter is coming – Even to your Make-Up Bag

Winter is coming – even in your make-up bag. We show you the ice queen style in sisterMAG and explain how and with what you can apply the make-up. Lifestyle and fashion editor Lea Becker provides you with all the important information.

Winter is coming – Even to your Make-Up Bag

We’ll show you the ice queen style and explain how and with what you can bring it to life.

Icy cold fills the otherwise clear winter air. We have fallen in love with the trendy »ice queen« look with mica, silver, frosty colours, and shimmering glosses. Here’s what you need to recreate the perfect winter look.

Moisturizing cream

The basis for beautiful make-up is an even complexion. Skincare is essential to avoid blemishes, redness, and, especially in winter, wrinkles caused by dryness. When choosing your day cream, pay attention to moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Q10, and urea. Those with very dry skin can use shea butter, argan oil, or rose hip oil to provide the skin with necessary moisture. If you notice redness, pimples, or dark circles despite consistent and skin type-appropriate care, you can cover them quickly and easily with a creamy concealer. Important: The concealer should not be too light, as this makes your skin look pale.

Lip care

Everyone is familiar with dry, rough, and brittle winter lips due to cold, wind, and radiator air. Not only is this unpleasant, it doesn’t look very pretty too. The solution? A weekly peel to gently remove dead skin, daily fat/moisturizing care, and, in extreme cases, a bi-weekly lip mask with honey or olive oil.

Frosted highlighter

It isn’t a trendy look without highlighter. For winter, bright shades with an iridescent holographic effect in violet, blue, and silver are on point. They are made up by the cheekbone in a half moon towards the eye to lend a fairylike shimmer. Beautiful!

Peachy red

Red cheeks from the cold? You don’t even have to leave the house to get a touch of freshness on your face – just reach into your make-up bag. A little rouge adds an immediate sense of rejuvenation. Opt for a peach or apricot tone as they flatter one’s complexion and are discreet enough not to compete with your eyes for attention.

Particle foundation

We all want the glow. Winter, however, makes it a little more difficult. But there’s no reason to worry. True to the motto, »fake it till you make it«, we simply grab a foundation with ultra-fine shiny particles that immediately make the face look fresher and younger.

Eye shadow base

To keep eyeshadow and eyeliner in place for as long as possible, you should apply a base to the upper eyelid as a primer. This can have a creamy texture or be used as a powder.

Blue eyeshadow

A relic of the eighties celebrates its comeback in the beauty bag! Whether bright turquoise, cobalt blue, azure, or baby blue, aqua tones match every eye colour and bring your eyes to life. Choose a blue tone and apply it only to the upper eyelid. Do not blend the eyeshadow.

Silver eyeliner

Silver eyeliner was a must-have in the sixties, when it was considered futuristic. Today we can use it for a winter wonderland look. Whether matte, shiny, or with glitter particles, silver enhances any style.

Turquoise mascara

Turquoise mascara was a hit on the runways. It is only applied to the tips of the eyelashes, which creates an eye-opening effect. Apply black mascara beforehand.

Glittery eyeshadow

Bling-bling was and still remains the big make-up trend this year. We can continue to sparkle in 2020. Eyeshadow with a silky shimmer or larger glitter particles put us in the party mood. For the fabulous ice queen style we recommend silver, blue shades, or, for the super brave, white.

Clear lip gloss

In addition to the rather delicate and elf-like silver and blue make-up, the lips should only be discreetly accentuated. A transparent lip gloss is great as it gives a nice shine while looking natural.

Nude lipstick

If you don’t like sticky gloss, you can use a nude lipstick as an alternative. Caramel tones, a feminine rosé, or a slightly brown baby pink are ideal nuances.

White nail polish

When Chanel presented its new make-up collection this autumn, we couldn’t look past the white nail polish. One thing is true: If it’s Chanel, it’s a trend. It wasn’t long before the look took over Instagram. Whether high-gloss or matte, both look chic on the ice queen. If a white coat is too extravagant for you, you can also use rosé, powder, or nude. Also chic: clear lacquer with coarse, glimmery particles.