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»Table of the Month« – Inspired by Claude Monet

A festive table should not be missing at the end of the year: let yourself be inspired by our »Table of the Month«, which is inspired by Claude Monet’s painting »The Magpie«. If you still need some creative input for your own festive table, then a look at this sisterMAG feature is definitely worth it!

»Table of the Month«

Inspired by Claude Monet

When the temperatures drop to freeze our breaths in puffy clouds and the first, powdery snowflakes glaze over the streets we know that winter is here! As it gets cold outside, wrap up and get cosy at home. Inspired by Claude Monet’s winter wonderland in »The Magpie«, we’ve created a wintery Table of the Month to gather your friends and family around for a comforting dinner. Set off to decorate your own feasting table!

DIY Napkin Rings

The napkin rings made from faux leather are a beautiful addition to every Christmas table and are easy to recreate.

Pepper Berries add a little something to the set-up and perfectly match the silvery white colour palette.

DIY Menus

What better treat than to gather for a delicious feast during the holidays? We have designed beautiful menus that match the table décor – download them and add your personal menu! If you want to go all out, seal the menus with some wax and a signet stamp.

White tea lights and blue candles create a festive atmosphere while perfectly matching the colour palette of the other decorations.

DIY gift box

These little boxes are great for small gifts while their tags make perfect place cards.

An essential even in winter: flowers. A medley of cotton, dried flowers, bunny tail and asparagus ferns creates an elegant, wintery atmosphere on our Table of the Month.