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Invitation to Game Night – Snack Boards

Claudia Gödke and Nadine Page have teamed up for sisterMAG to create some inspiring snack boards that will prepare you for the upcoming game night with friends. If you have these snacks in the pantry ready, nothing can go wrong and a spontaneous cozy evening is safe!

Invitation to Game Night – Snack Boards

Time for Socialising, Time for Friends

Snack Boards for evenings with friends

This feature was inspired by variour coffee-and-cake afternoons with friends that continued with good discussions and exciting card game rounds. And suddenly it was time for an evening snack! Sometimes you are not prepared for that one hundred percent. This feature prepares you for exactly these moments: instead of rummaging through your fridge, you’ll exactly know what to grab and what to throw together.

With food stylist NADINE PAGE I created snack boards for spontaneous meetings and time with friends. The result is a conglomeration of beautiful ingredients that can be stored well at home and that you can quickly put together into a SNACK BOARD.

Cheese for the card game in the evening

For an elaborate card game like Phase10 or UNO, there is a whole assortment of cheeses and matching trifles. With a perfect cheese platter you’ll be definitely the star of the evening. It is best to add some ingredients such as fig mustard, churneys, pomegranates or grapes.

Shopping list for your pantry:

1. Hard Cheeses

2. Goat cream cheese balls in oil

3. Turkish confectionery with pistachios

4. Fruit

5. Crackers

6. Nuts

7. Jam or fig mustard

Fish Snack Board

For the game of dices we prepare little treats from the sea: sardines or octopus from the can: important is a good, dark bread for dipping. A tasteful oil is a great addition.

Shopping list for your pantry:

1. Seasonal sardines served with salad or cress

2. Octopus from the can, with a generous squeeze of lemon

3. Chili oil

4. Caperberries

5. Rye bread

6. Herb butter

Rummy & Patés

We call it lovingly »the most romantic meats platter of the year“: Accompanying our classic game of rummy are pâtés, bacon, and salami, ready to be snacked and enjoyed. Unmissable, of course, are also some pickles and olives, always hand to stock up on in your storage!

Shopping list for your pantry:

1. Patés from the glass

2. Pickles

3. Olives

4. smoked speck

5. Salami

6. Pasteten

7. Spicy mustard

8. Crispbread or pumpernickel