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Perfume – Stories from the Flacon

Every scent tells its own story and brings its own emotions. Lea Becker presents the newest trends in perfume for the upcoming season präsentiert and tells her »stories from the flacon« in this issue of sisterMAG. Maybe there’s a new scent for you, too?

Perfume – Stories from the Flacon

Fragrances bring emotions to life. They can be melancholic, provide a sense of security, or refresh the mind. Sometimes they also remind us of special moments from our childhood. A fragrance’s ability to arouse both our smell and the soul, and even to reflect the current zeitgeist, is shown by five new fragrances fresh from the perfumery.


4711: genuine Cologne water – iconic! I had my first encounter with the Eau de Cologne at the tender age of two.


Grandma Anneliese collected the turquoise-labelled fragrances and lovingly draped 20 bottles of different sizes on a crocheted doily atop the bedroom dresser. Fascinated by this arrangement, I pulled on the doily and broke a few bottles. The scent of 4711 stayed in the apartment for weeks. Surely my grandmother also enjoyed 4711’s spring-like »FLORAL FIELDS OF IRELAND« with osmanthus blossom, jasmine, Irish mimosa, and citrus notes as spring was her favourite season – just like mine.

100ml, approx. 25 Euro, at


Putting on perfume offers a small time-out from everyday life. Especially now, on these gloomy autumn days, when such mini moments of happiness are especially welcome. The »Prodigieux Absolue de Parfum« by Nuxe turns out to be a dash of wellness from the bottle.


The innovative oil texture has a fragrance concentration twice as high as the spray version of the perfume. This means that the absolue is very intense and long-lasting. The warm, sensual scent of bittersweet broom honey, exotic tiaré flower, sweet vanilla, and aphrodisiac tonka bean bewitches the senses and accompanies the wearer for many hours. Drop sparingly on pulse points like the wrist, neck, and décolleté to soak in its pleasant warmth. Wonderful!

30ml, approx. 70 Euro, at Douglas


»The Future is Female« is a motto that strikes us everywhere these days. The aim is not to declare war on men, but to strengthen women’s self-confidence. We should all practice self-love and stand up for ourselves – in family, in relationships, and at work. Why?

»GIRLS CAN SAY ANYTHING« by Zadig & Voltaire

Because we deserve to be satisfied and to feel good – and to be accepted by others as we are. The new perfume »GIRLS CAN SAY ANYTHING« by Zadig & Voltaire aligns with this philosophy. A powdery fougère scent of lily, peony, tonka bean, and vanilla, combined with masculine notes of fern and musk, this fragrance is a statement of modern womanhood. It gives the wearer a romantic, feminine, and rational, self-confident exuberance.

30ml, ca. 40 Euro, über Douglas


I like shopping. But I am increasingly plagued by a guilty conscience because I have sometimes paid little attention to sustainability and zero waste. That has changed.


I came across the Clean brand while searching for perfumes with purely natural ingredients and recyclable packaging. Clean uses ingredients which are grown, harvested, and processed according to ecologically defined principles of sustainability. My fragrance tip for autumn: »SKIN« as a soft, warm, cuddly fragrance with citrus notes, vanilla, peony, gourmand notes, fine woods, and Copaiba oil. It’s a perfect antidote to the November blues.

100ml, approx. 100 Euro,