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Instagram & YouTube Personalities and Natural Hair

In keeping with our title artwork by Olga Rozanova, we also want to introduce you to themes like »Natural Hair« that go beyond the purely decorative and empower women to be just as they are, no matter what structure their hair has. Meet some Instagram and YouTube personalities here in sisterMAG, who take on the topic and talk about it openly on the Internet.

Instagram & YouTube Personalities and the Natural Hair Movement

In a sisterMAG »HAIRDRESSER« issue, we obviously want to devote ourselves to all kinds of hair, hair trends and hairstyles and present you topics like NATURAL HAIR that go beyond the purely decorative. We live in political times – racism and discrimination are discussed worldwide in a more open way than ever. So, it’s time to motivate women to be exactly as they are – whether they have frizzy, curly or seemingly imperfect hair.

We introduce you to some women who talk openly on the internet about it and show themselves because we think: Our world is diverse and that’s a good thing!

Temitope Adesina

The beauty and fashion influencer Temi from the US calls herself a »NATURAL HAIR ENTHUSIAST« on her Instagram account, wears her wild mane of curls proudly on her photos and gives helpful styling advice about dealing with Afro hair. She also produces tutorials about this topic for her YouTube channel.

Sandra Nakawundé

The Natural Hair Content Creator SANDRA NAKAWUNDÉ reaches thousands of people with her hair inspirations on her Instagram and YouTube channels. She shows her splendid head of hair standing wildly from her head, finely curled or braided in long plaits. And she explains to her followers which products she uses for the respective hairstyles.

In Germany, the discussion about identity, culture and society also has become louder and many women exchange their views on this in social networks.

It’s worth having a look at these profiles

Julia Dalia

The model Julia from Berlin has many exciting hairdos and styles to present to you. In an interview with the online platform Vice, she talks about her personal experiences on the topics of natural hair and self-acceptance: »Everybody has an individual hair structure and every hair structure has a creative energy. You have to get to know it to accept it.«

Sharonda Osei-Agyemang

»Black girls are sent home from school because their natural frizzy hair or their braids are said to be inappropriate. When Kylie Jenner walks over the red carpet with fake dreadlocks it’s cool.« The fashion design student Sharonda presents an artistically curated feed on her Instagram account and inspires the community with her fashion and jewellery pictures. Even though her feed doesn’t deal with her hair in the first place, she’s taking a clear position and says: »My culture is not a trend!«


In the world of hair, the YouTuber Regina is the right address for you as well. In her repertoire, you find numerous videos about her Afro hairstyle in which she shares all her tips and tricks with the world. Topics like travelling, beauty and lifestyle find their place here too.