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The best Bauhaus Instagram accounts

The influence of the Bauhaus can still be felt in many aspects of our life today. Even contemporary artists have dedicated themselves to the »style« of the Bauhaus and have incorporated it into their work. We from sisterMAG have gone through Instagram and searched for exciting accounts, that scream »Bauhaus« and continue to live and breath the artistic heritage. We hope you enjoy browsing these exciting, small and large Instagram accounts that are worth to be discovered!

The best Bauhaus Instagram accounts

The influence of Bauhaus can still be felt in many aspects of life today. Contemporary artists, illustrators, and typographers use the school’s formal language and colour palette, which has evolved over decades, and transform them into modern interpretations. Here we show and recommend 10 inspiring Instagram accounts which continue the artistic heritage of the Bauhaus live and set new impulses in a playful way. From crazy compositions of colour and form to crisp characters and minimalist, representational objects, no trace is left unexplored.

Unique architectural illustrations from Argentina that evoke the “international style” of Bauhaus. An absolute must for lovers of both architecture and illustration!


Here you can marvel at special movable letters that remind the work of Bauhaus teacher László Moholy-Nagy and his typography.


This French artist uses positive and negative space and colours to create works in her typical minimalist aesthetic. You can find her creations published in the New Yorker and Vogue.


Nuria uses free and abstract language to make direct references to the surface and create unique works of art.


A visual design language from Barcelona brought to life by bright colours and geometric shapes.


Here you will find timeless, simple design as prints or motifs on jute bags or rugs.


This illustrator from Rotterdam creates murals and is thematically inspired by petrol stations, shopping malls and motels.


Eltono’s expressive compositions of form and colour combine to create public art in large format.


We believe even smaller accounts are worth following! For example, this one curated by Maria, an information designer from Mexico.


What an eye-catcher! Betonzeitraum designs simple, timeless concrete objects by hand.