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Start-Up Spotlight: Super Streusel

In our sisterMAG series »Start-Up Spotlight« we regularly introduce you to interesting start-ups – this time to »Super Streusel«, founded by Dani and Kati in Hamburg. Their mission is clear: Make the baking world more colorful!

»Start-Up Spotlight« with Super Streusel

  • Industry: Confectionery
  • Headquarters: Hamburg
  • Founders: Dani Sichting & Kati Decker

1. Please introduce yourselves. Who are you and what do you do?

We are Dani (35) & Kati (29), sisters and confectioners’ daughters. We sell decorative sugar sprinkle mixes via our online shop,

2. When did you start Super Streusel and what were you doing before? 

We launched our baby eight months ago. Through our online shop we sell colourful sugar sprinkles all over Germany and Europe. This did not come out of nowhere as we previously ran an online shop for cake pops for almost six years. In 2013 we were the first online shop in Germany to sell cake pops and are still the largest, most diverse, and probably the most colourful in the industry. After years of being annoyed at the fact that you can only buy uninspiring sprinkles in German supermarkets, we thought we would revolutionize the domestic baking scene.

Before we started our company, we had rather “normal” office jobs. Dani studied business administration and then worked in marketing and journalism; Kati studied media & entertainment management and worked in online marketing. So our career paths were a good fit for co-founding a startup.

3. What is the idea behind Super Streusel?

Our mission is to make the baking world more colourful. Our different sprinkle mixes deliver ready-made ornaments for cakes, cupcakes, or ice cream. You open the container, scatter the sprinkles over your cake, and it looks like a work of art. Our sprinkles are suitable for everyone, including those who can’t (or don’t want to) bake. They can even spruce up an underwhelming boxed cake from the supermarket with a dash of glittery goodness. Even those adept at conjuring up masterpieces use our sprinkles as an eye-catcher to top off their cake and create something unique in no time!

Then we had the idea that if we were already making such mixes we should do it in the right way. We are annoyed by big decorative beads which look beautiful but can’t be eaten because you’re afraid they’ll break your teeth. That’s why we put big chocolate balls in our sprinkle mixes – soft and tender, which taste like Smarties. These are not wasted add-ons that you’ll push to the edge of your plate. In general, we only offer the highest quality sprinkles; mostly made in Germany or Europe, nothing imported from China or America, and everything without azo dyes. And then they are hand-mixed by us in Hamburg. We concoct every mix ourselves, try out which sprinkles work with which pearls, with which colours, test combinations, and then mix the results together on a grand scale. So there is a lot of manual work and diligence behind our craft :)

4. What does the current Super Streusel assortment look like? What are particularly unique sprinkle mixes?

We have about 50 different sprinkle mixes in our shop. There is something for every occasion. For example, a mix with dinosaurs for boys’ birthdays, one for a princess party, gold-white for weddings, blue-white or yellow-black for certain football lovers, white and pink for a baby party, mixes with flamingos, and mini ice cream cones or letters for the first day of school. The most colourful mix we have is Confetti Parade, which is also our very first “birth hour mix” and a bestseller. It simply couldn’t be more colourful. And that also suits us perfectly as we are originally from the Rhineland, love Karneval, and of course lots of confetti.

In addition to the mixes, we have also recently added edible paper to our shop. At the moment this is only available in the mermaid mix, but in the near future there will be lots of edible paper for other themes. They’re already a big favourite!

5. What can your Super Boxes be used for? 

Our Super Boxes are full of everything your sprinkle heart desires. They are usually connected to a theme, like Summer Soiree. Our Flamingos box mixes in cheerful summery colours, while the Big Love box incorporates lots of pink, red, and white, all individually sorted and with many delicious chocolate balls. Our Super Boxes are perfect if you have a colour-themed party to bake for as you can choose from a huge variety of sprinkles when decorating. There’s also the MehrGehtNicht box with 10 different mixes in it so you have a bit of everything at home and can test which vibe you fall in love with.

6. How many people are on the team? You mentioned that you are a real family.

We are two daughters of confectioners who grew up in our parents’ confectionery. So when we were kids and teenagers, we were already making chocolate Santa Clauses, truffles and cakes. Since day one our dad has provided the filling for our cake pops (Sachertorte or Baumkuchen). He has been a confectioner for almost 50 years while our mom is the organizer. They both support us endlessly with sprinkles of advice. Fortunately, we can really benefit from their experience. We have been in the baking scene since we were children and know what we are talking about. Overall, we are a team of eight or nine people who make the baking world a little more beautiful every day.

7. What does a working day usually look like for you?

First thing in the morning, we check mails and Instagrams, then catch up on orders and ship them. When the packages are packed and ready for shipment, mixes are mixed according to our recipes, filled into containers, and labelled. Repeat. We now have two shops, one for guter kuchen and one for Super Streusel. Fortunately, they are only two houses apart. We’re currently working from our office at the sprinkle headquarters, where the colourful setting encourages creativity :) We need and have a lot of it so that we can always come up with new things in order to be able to continually offer our customers something unique.

We don’t have a normal working day; somehow there are always a thousand things to be done, which forces us to reinvent ourselves and develop new concepts and ideas. And that’s just how we like it!

8. How do you draw attention to the Super Streusel range?

We have a great following on our social media channels, i.e. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Our sprinkles are colourful and multifaceted, and we do a great job of showing that. We do a lot of our own photoshoots to show all the things you can do with Super Streusel. There is never a shortage of new ideas for all the sprinkle-crazy ladies out there. Referral marketing also plays a big role for us. The most effective advertising is when you have bakers and their friends raving enthusiastically about our sprinkles. This also validates what we do.

9. Your Instagram channel is full of colour. A feast for the eyes. Is Instagram an important channel for you? How do you run it, and who does?  

Yes, definitely. We’ve been able to build such a great baking community around Super Streusel in the last eight months. We get so much feedback, encouragement, and heartfelt connections. We have already met some of the girls we write with on Instagram in real life; at the baking fairs, for example. Or they visit us in the shop, which is great. We manage the account ourselves. Replying to customers and fans, giving tips, and providing useful information is really fun!

10. What are your plans for the next five years?

Our long-term mission is to make the baking world more colourful. We mean it! We want to see that no one is decorating with boring sprinkles anymore. We want to grow our baking community further and create a big, beautiful, super-sprinkle, multicoloured family out of it. We are already working on new product ideas, have two incredibly exciting projects on the horizon, and can confidently say that everything to do with baking will be even more glittery in five years than it is now.