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Au natural – Green cosmetics for natural beauty

Natural or green cosmetics have advanced from the back corner of the health food store to the first row in drugstores on Main Street. The selection of tubes, jars and vials with natural ingredients is enormous. But which ingredients are really beneficial? What are the current trends in natural cosmetics? And which “green” products do we need in summer? In sisterMAG, Lea Becker provides guidance and recommendations …

Au natural

Green cosmetics for natural beauty

The eco-lifestyle is advancing at tremendous speed. “Zero Waste” and an effort to rescue the bees are now part of a balanced existence. That’s good, because we all have to do our best to ensure a greener planet! It doesn’t have to be a radical lifestyle or a time-consuming commitment either. New ways of thinking and a few tweaks in your everyday life are enough to get started. A green lifestyle as it relates to the oceans is, for example, the reduction of plastic in one’s own household. Mindfulness is called for when it comes to avoiding plastic packaging and replacing it with more environmentally-friendly materials. Anyone who wants to take action in this regard could start in the bathroom and do something good for themselves and the environment. How can this be achieved? With natural cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are usually packaged in a resource-friendly way, have not been tested on animals and – because they do not contain any synthetic ingredients – are healthy for our skin. Eco beauty is therefore a multifaceted solution worth trying!

What are natural or green cosmetics?

Certified natural cosmetics should not contain mineral oil extracts, parabens, chemical preservatives, silicones or synthetic fragrances/colours. As there is unfortunately no uniform legal regulation on what may or may not be called natural cosmetics, you should take a somewhat longer look at the contents when shopping. The Codecheck app helps you analyse and understand.

Recognizing natural or green cosmetics

You can also orient yourself with seals and certifications. But be aware that certified natural cosmetics only fulfil the individual criteria of the organization that issues the seal. It is good if you discover several seals on one product, such as BHDI, Ecocert, NATRUE, or COSMOS. This increases the chance of making a good choice!

Maybe all this reads a bit complicated. That may be true at first glance. But dealing with what we feed our bodies every day is also a worthy self-love. Which gives us yet another argument for the use of natural cosmetics…

Nature in tubes and jars

Natural or green cosmetics for beginners and eco beauty lovers: the latest trends, treatments and tools…

Misty fresh

You’re looking for a fresh kick to go, huh? Then in summer you should always have a face mist in your handbag or fridge. It hydrates and nourishes the skin.

 Bamboo in the bathroom

Zero waste in the bathroom? Works with washable soap bags, fabric cosmetic pads, bamboo storage containers and wooden toothbrushes. Where can you find them? At or, for example.

Coffee party

Coffee grounds for beauty care? Yes! As a scrub it removes skin flakes and ensures a healthy glow.

All-rounder avocado oil

The mineral-rich and intensely nourishing oil of the avocado supplies the skin with fat and moisture, smoothes wrinkles, makes rough areas supple, and also helps with brittle hair.

Vitamin C

Sour isn’t just for fun, it also beautifies! Dermatologists swear by the bleaching effect of ascorbic acid on pale skin and pigment disorders.

Welcome to the Stone Age

Let the good times roll with a face roller made of jade or rose quartz. You can use these practical tools from Asia in the morning and evening to relax muscles, tighten contours, stimulate blood circulation and complement your skin care routine.

Korea or Japan?

Both! Korea is considered the trend-setter for new treatments and beauty products. Whether BB cream, cloth masks, bubble masks, sleeping cream or ginger serum, the Koreans inspire and inform us on the way to a perfect complexion (#glassskin). But the Japanese follow suit: With Zen in mind, they focus on wellness treatments with algae, healthy nutrition, meditation and exercise in the forest for a fresh look.

All about the hair!

Shea butter, avocado oil, argan oil and aloe vera are ideal natural hair aids that ensure that dull and tired manes shine healthy again. Whether as an ingredient in shampoo or the main player in a mask or hair oil, these are always a good investment.

Exfoliating without plastic

Microplastics are a real plague for nature and people. If you don’t want to come into contact with these harmful particles, you should use natural friction particles in scrubs. Sugar and salt are a good choice, as are ground apricot stones or rice flour. Our tip: Do it yourself with an olive oil-salt mix or a combination of sugar and honey. If you don’t feel like it, follow the new trend towards fruit acid exfoliates – completely without granules.

Lather away!

Remember the smell of grandma’s bathroom? My grandmother always smelled of rose soap in winter and lavender in summer. Now you can bring these beautiful memories into your own bathroom as soaps are celebrating a big comeback. Super trendy: natural exfoliating soaps and shampoo soaps (soap bars).

Flower Power Care

Natural care for skin and hair? Here you go! We introduce you to our beauty favourites for the summer.

1 Sun salutations!

Makes you awake in the morning: Shower additive with Ylang-Ylang from Weleda. Approx. 2 Euros, in drug stores

2 Hairy!

Shampoo bar with tangerine basil scent, nourishing shea butter and olive oil. Approx. 5 Euros, exclusively at dm

 3 Oil well

Pure avocado oil from Farfalla. Approx. 10 Euros, via

 4 Flower Power

Pure luxury: face mask with the best plant extracts from Tata Harper. Approx. 100 Euros, via

 5 Maskforce

Looking for a healthy glow? This face mask with raspberry oil, papaya powder and date oil is effective. Approx. 70 Euros, via

 6 Eye bling

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has launched her own beauty brand, Kora Organics. We recommend the “Noni Radiant Eye Oil” with extracts of organic Noni fruit, tomatoes and sea bamboo in combination with Kahai and coffee extracts. Approx. 40 Euros, at Douglas

 7 Cleaning aid

Gently remove make-up from eyelashes with this eye make-up remover with vegetable oils from Dr. Hauschka. Approx. 17 Euros, at Douglas

 8 Wake-up call

With caffeine, cocoa butter and vitamin E: Exfoliation for the face by I Want You Naked from Munich. Approx. 40 Euros, at Douglas

 9 Trend Tool

Jade roller from Rosenthal Organics. Approx. 30 Euros, via

 10 Give me a C!

Refreshes the complexion: Vitamin C serum from Daytox for mixed and regular skin. Approx. 16 Euros, at dm

 11 A rose by any other name

Primavera rose blossom water moisturizes and refreshes the skin. Approx. 12 Euros, via

12 Shine dispenser

Makes matte manes shiny again: Soft shampoo with coconut extract and orange oil. Approx. 3 Euros, in drug stores