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sisterMAG No. 38 / June 2018

With the second Doris Day film »Pillow Talk« the bedroom becomes the focus of attention in our new sisterMAG issue. In the film, interior designer Jan Morrow and composer Brad Allen share a New Yorker phone line which leads to a series of (love) adventures before they get their happily ever after. We asked ourselves whether a story like this would still be possible today or whether landlines are long gone anyway. A key feature of the film, is the colourful 1960s interior. What do great bedrooms look like today? We prepared some particularly beautiful examples on Instagram for your inspiration. But it is not just the interior that makes us sleep well. Sometimes, we just can’t manage to find rest. That might be just the occasion for the three nightcap drinks we prepared and tried for you at the sisterMAG office.

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