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sisterMAG No. 32-2 / December 2017

The year is coming to an end – and so we release our last section of 2017. But don’t worry, in January, we continue to bring you many colourful topics from the sisterMAG cosmos. Until then, we pass the last year in review and once more dedicate the final section to two colours – this time it’s ink blue and fudge. Our fashion shooting we were able to realise in the plaster cast collection of the Free University of Berlin which provides a special winter atmosphere. On the culinary side, we probably deal with the most delicious story of all: the one of the caramel bar! If neither caramel bars nor fashion features can lighten your mood, maybe you lack vitamin D. We explain, why. At the latest when you see the stylish winter shoes from our ara Feature your spirits should be raised.

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