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sisterMAG No. 29-3 / June 2017

Sky and Ocean – isn’t this section’s title just perfect for summer vacations? That is why our contents tend to take us to faraway places this time, whether it is to Portugal for culinary treats and inspirational personalities or all the way to Hawaii for our summer fashion guide. Our water bar event with our partner L’ORÉAL PARiS was dedicated to the wet element when launching the new skincare Hydra Genius. Here, you can read all about how we transformed a public bath into a sea of mint and turquoise and also how you can easily make infused water drinks yourself. And of course, we rise for the »Sky« part of this magazine – and try to find out why mankind is so intrigued by the dream to fly. Almost as good as flying ourselves would be a ride in a hot air balloon – or the cute DIYs on that topic. We hope you have a lot of fun with this issue, with diving deep and taking off, with sky and ocean!

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