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48-3 Sand-coloured Chambray Dress

Many centuries have been inscribed in the backdrop of our sisterMAG No. 48 shooting. »Eroded sandstones, weathered half-timbered beams, steps worn by generations, soot from the Thirty Years’ War in the chimney …« make the Rußwurmsches Herrenhaus in Breitungen, Thuringia, a very special destination. In this historic location, we staged dresses made of chambray and flame nettle reminiscent of clothes from Vermeer’s paintings.

Click here the direct link to our sisterMAG Patterns Online Shop to buy the pattern for the Sand-coloured chambray dress:

48-3 Sand-coloured Chambray Dress

The dress is made of Chambray – also known as Batiste. The fabric is characterized by differently coloured warp and weft threads that give the fabric an extraordinary shine.

Our pattern is characterized by a low attached skirt below the waist. With puffed sleeves and a deep V-neck, it’s both super modern, but also feels a bit set back in time!