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45/3 Embroidered Velvet Top

In sisterMAG N°45 we present you a collection of sewing patterns, inspired by Abel Martín’s colourful abstract artwork titled »Sans Titre«. Click here the direct link to our sisterMAG Patterns Online Shop to buy the pattern for the Embroidered velvet top

Cream Coloured Embroidered Velvet Top – sisterMAG 45


0,6 m cream coloured velvet (order e.g. here at Stoffe Hemmers)

Zipper for the seam 25 cm

Embroidery thread, pearls


  • Neaten all of the edges
  • Sequence the front parts as shown and sew the front seam
  • Put darts into the back parts
  • Close the back seam and put in the zipper
  • Close shoulder and side seams
  • Neaten the edges closely by hand
  • Embroider a flower onto the fabric (Find here a great Pinterest instruction how to do it: