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45/1 Faux Fur Collar in Lavender

In sisterMAG N°45 we present you a new collection of sewing patterns, inspired by Abel Martín’s colourful abstract artwork titled »Sans Titre«. Here you’ll find the free download for our Faux Fur Collar in Lavender.

Download (PDF, 382 KB)

Material :

0,4 m Fake / Faux Fur (order e.g. here at Ali Express)

Leftover matching lining fabric

1 m Velvet Ribbon 1 cm width (order e.g. here at Etsy)


  • Watch the direction of the fur when cutting your fabric
  • You can cut the lining on fold since you don’t need a back seam
  • Sew the back seam of your collar
  • Attach the velvet ribbon as shown (each with a length of 0,5 m)
  • Turn over the collar with your lining fabric and leave an opening of about 10 cm
  • Flip the collar and close up the opening invisibly by hand