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Work or Life – and is there such thing as a balance? As sisterMAG has literally become our »life«, sisterMAG Radio Podcast wants to find out how others manage their personal work-life balance and how they got there. We explore careers of the now.

»Careers of the Now« is a state of mind. It might be, not having a career in the traditional sense, an interesting hobby as main part of life or the profession as your focus. We want to present interesting life stories, lead inspiring discussions or acquire new ideas for our own working life. Listen to the sisterMAG Radio Podcast to be inspired and to just get started.

Every Friday you will find a new episode of sisterMAG Radio Podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. Please feel free to comment, like and rate our episodes and send us suggestions for interesting guests.We look forward to talking to you in the podcast and beyond!