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For the festive season: Checklist Going Home

Are you annoyed every year when you think about the going home for Christmas at the end of November the first time and see the high ticket prices? With our »Checklist Going Home« a stress-free trip in style is guaranteed for the future.

Download (PDF, 2 MB)

Checkliste Going Home

In August / September:

  • Ask your employer about holiday arrangements and company holidays
  • Check your current holiday status:
    • How many days are left until the end of the year?
    • Have you already planned some holidays?
  • Talk to your friends and family about their Christmas plans:
    • Does everyone meet in the home town?
    • Where does everybody stay?
    • Is a vacation trip planned?
  • Book your trip for the holidays:
    • Try to book early as there are often special offers for flights and trains.
    • Form travel groups with friends and acquaintances from home and book a rental car together
    • Travel anticyclical, i.e. start your vacation earlier and avoid the main travel days
    • Don’t forget seat reservations on main travel days when traveling by train – the trains are usually overcrowded!

In December – 2 weeks before:

  • Clarify how you transport your Christmas gifts:
    • Order larger items online and have them sent directly to your Christmas location
    • Send unwieldy items in advance so you’re not burdened by excessive luggage
    • Book enough luggage allowance for air travel

In December – 1 week before:

  • Use your lunch break to get everything missing
  • Free the day or evening before departure to pack in peace
  • Pack in the right things for the holidays:
    • Enough festive and cozy outfits
    • Warm things for walks outside or for concert / church visits
  • Buy / borrow books and download podcast / music for the trip home
  • Order the taxi or make a schedule, when you have to leave at the day of departure – definitely plan some time buffer, because on these days are always very busy!

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