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For the festive season: Checklist Christmas Gifts

Do you also get nervous solely by thinking of the many to-dos before Christmas? We have compiled some checklists for the most important tasks in the festive season. Find here our »Checklist Christmas Gifts« for free download. By using it everything around gift giving is taken care of.

Download (PDF, 2 MB)

Checkliste Christmas Gifts

End of September:

  • Open a Whatsapp or Telegram group for family and friends, where Christmas wishes can be exchanged


  • Subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite online stores so you do not miss any of their special Christmas promotions


  • Start a collection of ideas: write down every gift idea that comes to your mind for a specific person and store it in a way that you can find and expand it whenever you want
  • Black Friday offers many bargains and discount promotions… perhaps a great opportunity to grab great Christmas gifts!
    -> In 2019 Black Friday is on November 29th!
  • Research DIY gift ideas on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram because homemade gifts can be a great pleasure!
    -> You can find a lot of inspiration for craft ideas on our website!

Beginning of December:

  • In order to avoid stress, you should slowly put your gifts together and if you want to surprise somebody with a DIY gift, be sure to start so that you still have enough time!

1-2 weeks before Christmas:

  • Now it’s time to wrap: get some nice wrapping paper and small packaging details to put the finishing touches to your gifts
  • To keep track, we recommend that you attach small name tags to the gifts

The last days before Christmas:

  • If you drive home or leave for holidays for the Christmas days, do not forget to safely store your presents in your suitcase

Christmas Eve:

  • Distribute the gifts to your loved ones and unpack your own
  • Enjoy Christmas!

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