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Embroider your own napkins

Idea from our sisterMAG Easter Party 2019: You’ve always wanted to embroider your own napkins? Look no further! Download the free pattern and get started…

Download (PDF, 733 KB)

Embroider napkins


  • Embroidery thread in Green and Apricot (flower colours)
  • Small embroidery hoop
  • Napkins (best cotton or very tightly woven linen)
  • Scissors & embroidery needle


  1. Place the embroidery pattern under the fabric and draw on the fabric with a thin pencil. If you have a textile marker at home, you can also reverse the pattern and iron it on the fabric.
  2. Using a small embroidery hoop, put the fabric inside and secure.
  3. Divide embroidery yarn to three threads, thread a needle and make a knot at the end of the yarn.
  4. Embroider stalk with the stem stitch.
  5. Embroider the two leaves with the Fishbone Stitch, starting at the widest part of the leaf and working towards the tip.
  6. For the petals change the thread colour and embroider the petals with a French knot stitch on the marked points.
  7. Remove embroidery hoop and voila – the embroidered napkin is ready! Embroider the desired motif on two opposite ends of the napkin.