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DIY »Zebra Box«

Inspired by our black and white colour scheme, we have designed a new DIY feature for young and old in this anniversary issue sisterMAG No. 64. Find the free download for the following DIY here: »Zebra Box«.

Watch the video tutorial here on YouTube.

Download (PDF, 2 MB)

DIY »Zebra Box«


  • paper box or paper bag
  • print template on sturdy paper (about 150g – 200g)
  • paint brush
  • paint (black, white)
  • scissors
  • cutter


  1. Print template on sturdy paper.
  2. Cut with scissors and cutter (or with cricut machine)
  3. Place stencil 1 on the box and paint with white
  4. paint. Allow to dry.
  5. Place stencil 2 on the white zebra and paint with black paint.
  6. Leave to dry. Finished.

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