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Easter DIY – decorating easter eggs with beeswax

One of the most famous Sorbian Easter traditions is the decorating of eggs with different patterns and ornaments of beeswax. The sisterMAG-Team gave it a go and is now ready to lead you through a step-by-step DIY of decorating your own Easter egg at home.

Download (PDF, 573 KB)

Painting Easter eggs with beeswax

You’ll need:

  • Colourful beeswax
  • A glass filled with sand
  • Old spoons
  • Tealights
  • Thick rubber bands
  • Round rubber seals
  • Pencil
  • Feathers of geese or pigeons
  • Needles with small and big heads


  1. Clean off the pink code on your eggs using kitchen paper towels and a vinegar solution.
  2. Carefully drill a hole into the top of your egg.
  3. Use an empty syringe or a small pump to extract the egg white and yolk from the shell without breaking it. Once it’s empty, put the egg back in its carton so it can drip off and dry. Tip: Don’t push too much air into the egg at once or it will break.
  4. Use a thin pencil to draw your pattern on the egg. Use different lines like circles, half-circles or straight lines. Thick rubber bands and rubber seals from a bottle can be used as guides.
  5. Bend an old spoon to 90 degrees and push the handle into a glass of old sand. Place your tealight underneath the spoon and melt a small piece of coloured beeswax in it. Use one spoon per colour.
  6. When the wax has melted, use a test-egg to get started. Shapes have to be done quickly because the wax dries fast. If your feather is still sticking to the egg, the wax is too cold. Now you can make patterns of circles, triangles and parallelograms using the cut-up feathers and needle heads.