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Still Life Photography Tips and Workshop in Berlin

Whether you are an entrepreneur, interested in photography or simply a lover of beautiful things – you can’t miss out on Instagram these days. Photographer and Visual Communication StrategistIlenia Martini and Interior Architect Santiago Brotons show you how to master the social network – whether it is concerning followers, content creation or organisation – in a one day, English workshop on May 20th in Berlin.

The workshop will be held in three parts, starting with the basics of styling, colour pallets and moodboard creation moving to hands-on tips on interior photography, photo editing and curating an Instagram feed to social media strategies for brand identity, appropriate use of hashtags and addressing your audience. The workshop participants will certainly end the day full of input and inspiration (and a goodie bag of high-quality Vitra products)!

You can sign up until May 15th and find all information on the workshop here:

Can’t make it for the workshop in Berlin? Ilenia told us about her 5 best Instagram and Social Media tips!

  1. Prioritise content. The long tail effect of high-quality content is what makes users stand out. Invest in the content you produce over the quantity.
  2. Consistency. Organise your day so that you can post at least one photo per day, every day – no matter what. Mark it on your calendar, set yourself reminders, do whatever in your power to be consistent.
  3. Storytelling. Decide and define what is it that you are posting. Stick to it as much as possible, we’ll show you how to create a cohesive voice and get rid of the unnecessary clutter.
  4. Become your own curator. You have six photos and about seven seconds to tell your future followers what is your profile about and why they should follow you – so think it through before hitting that post button.
  5. Social media etiquette. It sounds like it comes without saying but it’s not so obvious as it sounds: reply to comments (with words – not emojis), and don’t go random hashtag crazy. We’ll talk you through on how to use them appropriately during our workshop.

Photos: Ilenia Martini

Styling: Santiago Brotons