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sisterMAG Radio: Podcast Episode 47 Illustrator and Book author Beth Walrond

 (Podcast in ENGLISH) sisterMAG Radio episode 47 guest Beth Walrond is an illustrator and now book author originally from the UK, now living in Berlin. In our interview we talk about her origins as illustrator, her university course in illustration which not only taught her the creative skills but also how to make it into a career, her start in the industry and what kind of clients she serves today. We then dive into her latest project, her own children’s book »A Taste of the World – What people eat and how they celebrate around the globe« (So schmeckt die Welt – Leckereien und Feste rund um den Globus) just published by Gestalten. She tells me how she came up with the idea, how the creation process worked – and what countries from her book she wants to visit next. We round up the podcast with her current state of mind towards work-life-balance and how she not only accepted but now enjoys the high and low times as a freelancer. 

Link to sisterMAG Article illustrated by Beth

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