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sisterMAG Radio: Podcast Episode 31 with Photographer, Creative Consultant & Strategist Ilenia Martini

(Podcast in ENGLISH) We’ve met our guest Ilenia Martini via Social Media and one day in a real-life encounter: during a train breakdown between Hamburg and Berlin. She is a photographer, creative consultant and strategist in the field of interior design. Ilenia’s passion and expertise lies in the field of interior design where she works as Art Director, Photographer and Visual Communication Strategist for brands such as Hem or Vitra. We talk about her work and how to be productive while constantly traveling, her view on Instagram and what 6 years living in New York City taught her for life.

Ilenia Martini:

Ilenia’s Podcasts recommendations:
1.) NRP – How I Built This
2.) MyDomaine – Second Life
3.) Girlboss Radio – Jen Gotch is OK … Sometimes 

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