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»Digital Ladies Travel« – A road trip through Slovenia

Slovenia – A country so small, but yet so versatile and impressive. Mela Mörtenbäck takes you on a road trip through the beautiful country for our sisterMAG travel series »Digital Ladies Travel« and shows you her favorite places. One thing is for sure: it does not always have to be the big and distant travel destinations to quench your wanderlust, which Mela proves with her great travel guide.

»Digital Ladies Travel«: Between Alps and Adria

A Road trip through Slovenia


With mountains like the Austrian Alps; wine hills like those in Tuscany; and coastal towns reminiscent of the Croatian Adriatic, Slovenia has it all. A trip to Slovenia unites many landscapes which holidaymakers elsewhere would have to set off on several trips through Europe to experience. Despite its manageable size, the country is more versatile than almost any other and captivates with lush green landscapes, crystal-clear rivers and mountain lakes, rugged mountains and idyllic coastal towns.

We start our round trip through Slovenia, a country no bigger than Hessen, in the middle of Triglav National Park. Kranjska Gora serves as an ideal starting point for a rich tour in the mountains, where in the evening traditional restaurants invite you to discover Slovenian cuisine. Well-marked trails lead up to the border triangle, from where we enjoy a 360° panorama over Slovenia, Italy, and Austria, or to the 1,600-metre high Vršič pass. A refreshment at the Jasna Resort Café is a must on the way back. Not only for the view over Jasna Lake towards the mountains, but we simply cannot miss the homemade cakes.

Only a few minutes by car from Kranjska Gora is the Zelenci nature reserve, a jewel of Mother Earth worth an evening excursion. The wetlands attract us mainly because of the emerald-green lake with its gushing springs. Slap Peričnik, a 52-metre high waterfall is also only a short drive away and can easily be reached by a 10-minute hike. We walk along the small path behind the waterfall – a wet but impressive experience!

Accommodation: Hotel Vandot

Dining: Restaurant Milka

We continue our voyage, this time by car. More than 50 hairpin turns take us through the Vršič pass. We arrive in the Soča valley, along the eponymous emerald green river, which guides us along our southbound journey. With its characteristic colour, the river is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe – and rightly so! Every few kilometres we are tempted to stop and capture the beauty of the water. At Velika korita Soče we stop to explore the 15-meter canyon through which the water meanders. A few photo stops later, we park our car near the Napoleon Bridge in Kobarid to embark on an hour-long hike to Slap Kozjak.

Leaving the Soča valley, we head for the Goriška Brda wine region and suddenly find ourselves in a landscape that more than deserves the title »Slovenian Tuscany«. There are vineyards as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by small villages and a multitude of cherry trees.

Accommodation: Apartment Oton Reya

Dining: vino@modana

Our road trip takes us farther south, to the sea. The Slovenian Adriatic coast is fewer than 50 kilometres long. Piran is an especially pretty little town touching the water. We stroll through the alleys of the old town, climb the city wall at sunset and watch the lively hustle and bustle during an Aperol Spritz break at the central Tartini Square. In the evening we enjoy delicious fish dishes in the restaurants along the promenade with a direct view to the sea.

Accomodation: Art Hotel Tartini

Dining: Restaurant Riva

We leave the coast in our wake and make our way through the interior. A stopover in Ljubljana is a must. Slovenia’s capital is young and versatile; a stroll up to the castle is very worthwhile. In the centre, cafés and restaurants tempt us with their culinary treasures, while in the many small boutiques and shops you will quickly find what you are looking for.

The Velika Planina plateau, 20 kilometres to the north, is a complete contrast. The pastoral settlement with its characteristic alpine huts is a feast for the eyes. More than 140 of these huts are spread over several settlements, which can easily be reached by foot via scenic loops.

Accommodation: Apartment No 16

Dining: Gostilna Mili Vrh

In the last few days we return to Triglav National Park. At the very touristy Lake Bled we can’t help but take a short walk to the notorious lookout across the lake for a picture-perfect snap. Of course we jump into the surreal blue water to cool down. Nearby Lake Bohinj is much calmer. Nestled in dense forests and mountain ridges, one sees nature as far as the eye can see. The area around Lake Bohinj is popular with hikers, mountain bikers and walkers alike. Numerous tours of varying difficulty lead to the surrounding mountains. We enjoy the peaceful nature and are convinced that this trip to Slovenia will not be our last.

Accommodation: Butterfly Lodge

Dining: Gostilnica Štrudl, Bohinjska Bistrica