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Girl with… The most important jewellery trends of 2019

Fashion and lifestyle journalist Lea Becker wrote about the most important jewellery trends of 2019 for this issue of sisterMAG. Be inspired and get ready to dazzle this summer – if it ever comes…

The Girl with…

The most important summer jewellery trends of 2019

Get your ears, hands and necks ready: These new accessories are waiting for you to awake them from their slumber in a jewellery box so they can transform your summer outfit.

The pearl hair accessories

„Pearls mean tears“? Not in this case. Proof: these elegantly shimmering fresh-water pearls featuring as a solitaire pendant on silver and gold earrings and necklaces. The modest pieces are feminine and airy and could be worn every day and on special occasions like summer weddings. But pearls aren’t only for ears and neck: hairclips loaded with artificial pearls are summer’s biggest trend and add a hint of Coco Chanel to every hairstyle. They can be found in every high-street store.

The braided accessories

Natural materials like bamboo, reed, bast and cork are sought-after materials for decorating homes. The Mexican-trend around Frieda Kahlo, succulents and macramé wall hangings, has reached its colourful peak – so it’s only natural that these materials seep into fashion too. A roomy, 50s-inspired basket bag is a must-have for this summer. Jewellery made from bamboo like a braided, African-style statement necklace is the perfect add-on to match the bag and elevate your outfit. Another idea: Earrings made from natural string with crochet lace and colourful pearls to complete your Mediterranean beach look. Even cork looks amazingly modern when set in a gold pendant. The label to go for? Bijou Brigitte – expensive look, amazing prices.

All of the necklaces

Two, three, four, five?! There can never be too many necklaces, layering dainty, fine necklaces with different lengths and structures draws attention to the deep necklines of blouses. Go matching or mix different tones of silver, gold, rose gold, copper and platinum – there are no boundaries! If you’d like to convey a special message, choose different pendants with a similar theme for your layers. The current trends are leading us towards harmonious symbols like stars, moons, zodiac signs and planets. For your summer vacation, pick necklaces with different shells, anchors or little boats. And the cool, Berlin-inspired option: name-necklaces and writings like „girlpower“, „love“, „self-love“ or „hope“. The best label: Chaingang.

The beach discoveries

„Seashell-style“ is the newest, mermaid-inspired trend of this summer. Already popular in the 90s, conch anklets and bracelets are now staging a comeback. Don’t worry if these remind you too much of cheap souvenirs brought back from a holiday in your teenage days – there’s a grown-up version, too: gold scallop pendants on long necklaces or large snail earrings. If you’re into a look featuring beach findings, check out tortoise shell earrings and big accessories made from horn. All of this looks fabulous with the current 1960s-fashion trends. Favourite label: Wald Berlin.

The two faces

Very avant-garde: dainty jewellery that winds itself into the shape of a woman’s face or body. They seem like they were simply bent by hand and welded together. This minimal trend fits right in with modern black-and-white line paintings of simple faces and feminine curves. Even better: the edgy silhouette jewellery often has a feminist message and often crops up along with messages of self-love, body positivity and girl power on Instagram. Best label: Facets.