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Recipe »5 Minute Strawberry Sorbet« (without ice cream machine)

Roberta Dall’Alba was inspired by three Pop Art classics for the sisterMAG No. 51 food feature »Pop Art Dessert«. You can download the recipe »5 Minute Strawberry Sorbet« (without ice cream machine) here for free.

Download (PDF, 1 MB)

5 MINUTE STRAWBERRY SORBET (without ice cream machine)

Inspired by »Whaam«
Colors: red sorbet and yellow lemon zest. Light blue backdrop.
Sorbet melted to imitate the explosion.

Ingredients for 3 people:

  • Frozen strawberries 300 gr
  • Sugar 60 gr
  • Water 40 gr
  • Organic lemon zest one/two teaspoons
  • Organic lemon juice 10 gr

You need:

  • Blender or food processor

How to:

  1. Into a small pot, let sugar dissolve together with water, lemon zest and juice. Let simmer at low heat for about 5 minutes. Turn off.
  2. Put your frozen strawberries into a food processor and start blending. Gradually add the sugar syrup – in the meantime, keep blending – until you have no more chunks of fruit. At this point, you should already have the right sorbet-consistency.