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DIY »Rattan Clock«

Our sisterMAG issue No. 50 is dedicated to the material »rattan«, better known as »Viennese weave«. Various bloggers show their favorite DIY ideas with rattan. Here you can download the instructions for the DIY »Rattan Clock« from Bildschoenes Design for free. Have fun!

Download (PDF, 976 KB)

DIY »Rattan Clock«

with Viennese netting


  • Lid of a wooden box or a disk of wood, diameter about 24cm
  • Viennese Netting
  • Clockwork and Hands
  • Drill with 10mm attachment
  • Scissors
  • Wood glue and paintbrush


  1. Mark the middle of your lid or circle and drill a hole. First use a smaller attachment and a piece of leftover wood underneath the hole to keep the wood from fraying.
  2. Using the scissors, cut a piece of the woven cane that is slightly bigger than the diameter of your lid. Try by positioning the cane on the lid – if the cane covers your drilled hole, shift it slightly and adjust by carefully cutting the material to your needs.
  3. Paint the wood glue onto on side of the netting and carefully place it onto your lid. As soon as it sits where you would like to, weigh everything down with books and let dry very well. Use a small pair of scissors to cut off excess cane and put in the clockwork.


If you want the cane to be completely flat on the lid, dampen it and then press between a couple of heavy books. when it has dried completely, it will be nice and flat without rolling up.