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DIY »Potato Print«

Spring is just around the corner. So it’s time to rbing some spring feelings home with you. You can design your own decorative elements in just a few simple steps. Find here the free download for the following sisterMAG DIY: »Potato Print«. Have fun!

Download (PDF, 747 KB)

Spring DIY: »Potato Print«

  • Fabric
  • Fabric paint to use for potato printing
  • Potato
  • Knife
  • Small knife / linoleum cutter set
  • sisterMAG template


  1. Print sisterMAG TEMPLATE and cut potato in the middle.
  2. Cut out a rectangle on the potato half.
  3. Using the linoleum cutter cut the pattern into the potato rectangle.
  4. When the pattern is finished, stamp the potato on a piece of paper so that the moisture of the potato comes out. Then do a test run with the paint colour on paper.
  5. Lay the fabric flat and start stamping! Best orientate yourself on an edge so that the pattern always stays straight.
  6. Once that is done, iron the fabric briefly with so that the paint is fixed on the fabric.
  7. You can use this fabric for towels, napkins or zerowaste packaging!

You can also stamp this DIY on paper and create beautiful packaging paper from it!