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Our Spotify-Playlist for Spring

Finally it appears as though spring has arrived in Berlin, with blue skies and sunshine showing face after weeks of dreary grey. To coincide with the official start of spring, we wanted to share with you a mix of spring hits and classics – the perfect complement to warm sunny days, as background music for your next walk, or to motivate you for spring cleaning. Your broom will start sweeping all on its own!

Photos: Adam Kiefer

Laura (Content Management):

Luisa (Marketing & PR):

  • #08 Modern Dance – David Bowie
    Since watching ‘Frances Ha’, this has been the first song on my “boute-en-train” playlist. “Boute-en-train” is a French term that can be best translated as “life of the party” – what better way to get into the spring spirit?

    #09 Champion Sound – Crystal Fighters
    Just one look at the video for this London band’s hit will inspire you to frolic through nature with a feather headdress and embrace spring in all its glory #hippyvibes. And, of course, because spring is our champion.

Nina (Content Management):

Maureen (Content Management):

Sandra (Content Management):

Marie (Design):

Thea (Chefredaktion & Art Direction):

  • #17 Stay Alive – José González
    Our photographer, Cris, put this song on as we were driving this weekend and we immediately began talking about spring and how much we missed it.

    #16 Intentions – The Whitest Boy Alive
    In 2010 I was jogging through London to this music, which is why it always reminds me of blooming white trees and sunshine in the English capital. It’s a bit older, but still wonderful!

Zoe (Marketing):

Which songs do you think spread pure spring spirit and instantly put you in a good mood? Let us know in the comments! Enjoy the dance!